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Merusar & K
Disposable medical devices and consumables
Merusar & K

Our company is a Kazakhstan-based manufacturer of disposable medical clothing and surgical linen. Since July 2009, we have mastered the production of disposable medical clothing. To this day, we produce a wide range of sterile and non-sterile kits for the healthcare and cosmetic industry. Our company can do serial production and individual orders depending on the equipment specifics of our clients. Also, we are involved in wholesale and retail sales of medical devices, instruments, suture kits, consumables, disinfectants, and other medical equipment from the leading European, Asian, and CIS companies. In our work we utilize a QA system based on ISO standards.


Merusar and K, LLP is a manufacturer that fulfils all the neccesary requirements of all healthcare facilities. We envision the Quality Assurance policy as the basis of our future development in accordance with requirements and expectations of all interested parties.



Our mission is to be a prefered Kazakhstan manufacturer of healthcare equipment provided to healthcare facilities throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan and more. Which is achieved by supplying high quality products to medical institutions in quantity and assortment that meet their needs. To assist in promoting modern developments in pharmaceuticals in Kazakhstan and the development of the pharmaceutical market as a whole.


Achieving and holding the leadership in the pharmaceutical production market
Win consumer's trust and strenghtening the satus of a reliable supplier of products for medical institutions by reliably fulfilling the contractual obligations, following legal and regulatory requirements during development and production.
Forming a ream of highly qualified specialists to fulfill the contract obligations in time and with a high level of quality
Continuous increase of the achieved level of production quality, the effective development with consideration of client's interests and regulatory requirements.


The policy is implemented by the development, deployment and constant improvement of our quality management system in accordance with ISO 13485:2016 requirements.
By setting and achieving goals in the quality department on all levels of the company.
To create conditions for professional education, qu With the leadership of the executive employees at all levels and strong teamwork to secure the production quality.
Creating the conditions for professional and advanced training, rewarding and motivating the personel.
Utilizing the process approach to all activities, planning, monitoring, analyzing and improving the process of QMS and it's internal workings.
A partner relationships with suppliers and consumers based on mutual benefit and long-term cooperation.
Each employee of Merusar and K understands their tasks, permissions and responsibilities in their work to ensure the quality and implementation of this Policy.
The management takes the responsibility and obligations to create conditions and supply the resources for implementing the Quality assurance policy.